Our network of sensors picks up the buzz of the Internet around the clock and around the world. Our automated analysis engine makes sense of it for you. Our RIFE algorithm calculates the approximate scale of malicious actors' operations.

BuzzSec CTI Briefings

Free Reports Updated Daily

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  • QueenBee: A dossier of activity from the most prominent and pervasive attacker observed today
  • PollenCount: An average of observed attacks per exposed IP address in the past 24 hours

    Updated Hourly

  • WorkerBees: IP addresses performing Internet-scale brute-force and BotNet infection
  • ScoutBees: IP addresses performing Internet-scale reconnaissance and scanning
  • DroneBees: IPs, FQDNs and URLs hosting malware and Command/Control
  • Swarms: Small CIDR ranges that are hosting concerted attack and recon efforts
  • Apitoxins: Malicious file hash IOCs being deployed by attackers

    Dynamic Feeds

    Our dynamic feeds are designed for automated reporting and blocking, and are rendered in real time with up-to-the-second intelligence. Import them into your firewall as an External Dynamic List. Load them into Splunk, OSSIM, ArcSight or ELK. Build scripts to update iptables and pf rules.
  • IP / CIDR feed: Worker, Scout, Drone and Swarm addresses
  • FQDN feed: Hostnames and domains associated with threats we've observed